Camping E.P.



VSILE (or “now in force”, in Russian) is a project from Pasha Shutov (a former member of D-Pulse since its inception and, to some point in the past, the man responsible for all things guitar – as well as their (shall we say) exuberant high spirits) and Moscow Conservatory graduate Grigory Saltykov – vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and, apparently, an only properly educated musician among us.


This release started life during sound engineering on VSILE tracks at the Theomatic-label studio – at which point it became clear that finishing work on any one track was just leading to an idea for an additional version of it. These tracks are now coming to light on an independent release, with a clear slant towards the instrumental …


VSILE’s music is a mix of classy electronica and that increasingly rare commodity these days – good, honest romanticism – lacking, as it does, any hint of schmaltz or naivety.


1. The Camping Song (An-2 Remix)

2. Davai (Instrumental Dub)

3. Dive Into Me (Amberflame Remix)

4. Like (Instrumental)

℗ & © THEOMATIC 2021