12" Vinyl



When we heard Pompeya for the first time and were told they were from Moscow, we were like: - What!? Are you kidding? This is probably the first Russian band singing in English with such a classy Brit touch and male vocal being very strong and sophisticated at the same time. They jestingly describe their style as “melodramatic popular song” and “Cheenese” is indeed a very dramatic piece with simple yet powerful composition and lyrics that really make BIG sense. The original is very well supported by a bunch of remixes each of which is unique on its own. An-2 & Samos come with a warm, relaxed and funky instrumental version which is followed by a blockbuster mix from Moscow disquo maestro Leonid Lipelis (an entirely perfect dance version of the original that could ever exist) and finally, for those few sirs and mesdames who are not yet aesthetically satisfied and who still find themselves seated while others jump and shout, here come D-Pulse with their ‘Paranoid’ mix that gathers the thunderclouds to the full darkness and - at the end - lets the revival sunbeams break through.


A1. Cheenese (Theomatic Version)

A2. Cheenese (An-2 & Samos Instrumental Mix)

B1. Cheenese (Lipelis Remix)

B2. Cheenese (D-Pulse 'Paranoid' Mix)

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